Should you have another question feel free to contact us at info@cdlinhouston.com or by calling us at (281) 495-9192

Q. Is AAA CDL School a trucking company or just a CDL school?

A. Just a CDL school.

Q. Can I get references from your prior students?

A. Absolutely! Just contact us and we will give you 12 names of prior students with telephone numbers, enough so that you get a feel on how we do things here.

Q. Have you had students that have gotten a score of 100 on the road test?

A. Yes we have. Several people have gotten a 100 score on their road test with us; 2 that did so are Basilio Manzano & Joel Salazar.

Q. Why do other CDL services charge $200 to $400 while you charge more?

A. They are just rental services and not CDL schools. They give you 30 minutes to 1 hour training whereas we give you 20 hours training. Some have "hidden" charges not disclosed anywhere or in very fine print in the "contract" or "agreement" that they have.

Q. Are there any "hidden" costs with your CDL trucking school?

A. Not al all! If you take one of the 3 CDL-A courses we offer, you will know exactly how much it's going to cost you.

If you had a CDL in the past, you may decide to "pay as you go," then no telling how much it's gonna cost you because that depends on how many tests you study on our computers, (the first 2 for your Learner's Permit are free by the way) how many hours you train with us and how many road tests you need to take until you pass.

Q. What percentage of your students that have been trained with you for h40 hours pass the CDL road test the first time?

A. About 85%.

Q. What happens with the other 15% that didn't pass?

A. They reschedule another road test appointment as soon as possible; many times they get it the next business day. We have a "zero wait time between road tests" policy.

Q.What percentage of your students pass the road test the second time?

The vast majority. Very very few have to go a third time.

I had a student that already had a job in Odessa, Texas, just needed the CDL. He took my full course and took his CDL road test on a Friday and failed, he retook Monday and failed again. He passed it on Tuesday. So he took 3 road tests only having to wait for the weekend since DPS offices do not open on weekends.

Q. What percentage of the students that go to one of these CDL rental services pah4s the road test the first time?

A. About 10% to 20%. One of my students that started with one of these CDL truck rental services told me that his instructor told him that 90% of his students do not pass the road test the first time! That means that only 10% pass the first time.

Q. What happens with the 80% to 90% that do not pass with them?

A. They usually have to wait anywhere between 14 and 45 days to retake.

Q. Why?

A. These CDL rental services are very busy because they charge so little and/or the owners do not have any interest in seeing their students finish.

Q. Do I have to pay the whole cost of the course up front?

A. No. First off we give you 2 tests absolutely FREE so that you can get your Learner's Permit, then you can make 1, 2, 3 or 4 payments as you go along.

Q. I went through a Vocational Rehabilitation program with the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), can they pay for the course?

A. Yes they can, we have already had students come from there and the DARS has paid the full tuition.

Q. I am a native american and have educational benefits. Can my tribe pay for the course?

A. We've been already approved with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. If it's another tribe, we will be glad to talk to them about getting approved.

Q. What CDL courses do you offer?

A. We offer 3 CDL-A courses. Premium Elite, Elite and Basic.

For the Premium Elite course you would have to rent a bus to get Passenger and School Bus endorsements since we don't have one.

Q. Do you offer computer practice tests?

A. Yes we do; you first read all the questions with the correct answers only; then we give you several multiple choice practice tests just like the ones you'll get at the DPS. You are ready to take a test at the DPS once you pass ALL of the practice tests we give you for that test. The first 2 tests for getting a Learner's Permit (Texas Commercial Rules and Combination Vehicles) are FREE and without any obligation to join our CDL school whatsoever, call us at 281-495-9192 to make an appointment.

Q. Do you have ALL the DPS questions for us to study?

A. Yes we do. Rather than paying somebody to extract them out of the DPS computers, we did the work ourselves.

Leslie Ennis - one of our students got 100 in all the tests except General Knowledge where he got a 98. The DPS was so impressed that they called him out, congratulated him and gave him a paper with his grades. He told me that I do have the question that he missed. He also told me that he studied 53 hours in my computers to get those grades. He later came back for Hazardous Materials and Tanker endorsements and he did get 100 score on those tests as well.

Q. How many questions are there to study?

A. For the Premium Elite course, the DPS has 756 questions of which 255 will be in your tests providing you pass each one on the first try.

For the Elite course, the DPS has 663 questions of which 215 will be in your tests providing you pass each one on the first try.

For the Basic course, the DPS has 466 questions of which 145 will be in your tests providing you pass each one on the first try.

Q. What is the minimum score to pass these tests?

A. For Texas Commercial Rules (Special Requirements or Section 14) test 70%, all others 80%.

Q. What EXACTLY is a Class A CDL?

A. Here's how the Texas Department of Public Safety defines it: Any combination of vehicles with a gross combination weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more, provided the gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle or vehicles towed exceeds 10,000 pounds.

This license allows you to drive all kinds of commercial vehicles except buses. You need a Passenger endorsement to drive buses, to drive school buses you would also need the School Bus endorsement.

Q. Does your CMV (commercial motor vehicle) have air brakes?

A. Yes it does.

Q. I want to make more money and/or be able to find a job easier, what should I do?

A. We recommend you take our Premium Elite course that encompasses ALL possible endorsements, namely Hazardous Materials, Tankers, Double/Triple Trailers, Passengers and School Buses.

The more endorsements you have, the more valuable you will be. For example many employers do Hazardous Materials loads, if you don't have a Hazardous Materials endorsement, they won't hire you. To haul gasolines, you would also need the Tanker endorsement. To pull 2 trailers you would need the Double/Triple Trailer endorsement. If you look for a driver job with Metro, you'll need the Passenger endorsement; and if you look for a driver job with a school district, you would then need a Passenger and School Bus endorsements. Many oil companies are hiring drivers only if they have Hazardous Materials endorsement.

Q. What are the requirements to get a CDL in Texas?

A. 1. You must show proof of Texas Residency.
2. You must have a valid Class C Texas automobile license.
3. Social Security Card - not laminated and not a photocopy.
4. Proof of U.S. citizenship or Permanent Residency in the U.S. or have a work permit with a validity of at least 9 more months.
5. You must have ALL your fines/tickets paid off or you must be making on-time fine/ticket payments.

For latest information, please go to: www.dps.texas.gov or go to your nearest Texas DPS office.
For Texas Residency requirements, go to: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/DriverLicense/domicileReq.htm

Q. Will a felony affect me from attending your school?

A. Not at all, but we have cameras in our school (complete with sound) and anyone doing something inappropriate will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Q. Exactly where is AAA CDL School located?

A. In southwest Houston, in an area called Mission Leona near the intersection of Bellaire Blvd. and Highway 6.
The exact address is:
AAA CDL School
14803 Camino Rancho Dr.
Houston, TX 77083

We do everything by appointment only, so please call before you come!

Q. How long has AAA CDL School been in business?

A. Over 14 years, we started business on November 24th. 1999.

Q. How many students have AAA CDL School had since starting in 1999?

A. Thousands

Q. What other costs are involved in getting a CDL?

A. $76 maximum for the DPS and $50 to $75 for your medical certificate.

Q. Is there a time limit to finish?

A. The DPS gives you a maximum of 90 days; we give you 120 days.

Q. What if I go beyond 120 days with you but still want to finish?

A. You can finish by paying hourly for training and renting the tractor-trailer for your road test.

Q. What happens with the DPS if I pass the road test beyond the 90 days?

A. You will not get the CDL! They'll make you pay again and start all over!
I know of 2 students that passed the road test on day 92 and day 94 respectively and neither of them got a CDL!
If you have a Class A Learner's permit, you will get credit for Texas Commercial Rules (aka Special Requirements or Section 14 test) and Combination Vehicles, all others tests have to be taken again as well as the road test.

Q. Is your course a 5 week course?

A. All students are going at their own pace. Some finish everything including the road test in 2 weeks or even less; others take as long as 3 months or even more.

Q. In what order do you recommend we take the 10 tests inside the DPS?

A. We recommend you take them in the following order:

1. Texas Commercial Rules
2. Combination Vehicles
3. Air Brakes
4. Pre-trip Inspection
5. General Knowledge
6. Hazardous Materials
7. Tanker
8. Double/Triple Trailer
9. Passenger
10. School Bus

Q. When can I get a Learner's Permit & how much is it?

A. Anytime after you've passed Texas Commercial Rules & Combination Vehicles tests, it costs $11.

Q. How long is the Learner's Permit good for?

A. You initially get a letter size piece of paper that expires in 45 days. Within that time frame, you should get your Learner's Permit (it looks just like a Class C automobile's driver license except that it says "Class A" and it comes with an "R" restriction) that will expire same date as your automobile's driver license.
Some people confuse it with the CDL but it does not say "Commercial Driver License" just yet. The "R" restriction means a licensed driver 21 years of age or older must be in the front seat when the holder of this Learner's Permit is driving any vehicle above Class C.

Q. When can I take these 10 computer tests at the DPS?

A. Anytime the DPS is open, just don't go there late in the date when closing time approaches.

Q. How many computer tests do you recommend we take when going to the DPS?

A. As many as you feel comfortable with. Some people like to take 1 at a time. Others take 2 at a time; yet others feel they can take 3 or more tests at a time.

Q. I'm very smart, can I take all 10 computer tests the same day at the DPS?

A. We've seen people take as many as 5 tests in one seating; but we've also seen some DPS offices where they don't let you take more than 3. If you want to take 5 tests in one seating, we recommend you ask for 3 first and once you've passed them, you can ask for the other 2. If you do this very early in the morning, you could come back at noon and MAYBE they will let you do the same for the 5 remaining tests or you could do that the following day.

Q. Are there multiple students with one teacher in the tractor-trailer?

A. No, we provide 1-on-1 training. We feel professional drivers learn by actually driving, backing up, and parallel parking a tractor-trailer, not by sitting in the back seat watching someone else do it.

Q. Do I have to take my road test at the same DPS as the one used for th4e computer tests?

A. No, you can take the road test at any Texas DPS office.

Q. How long does the road test last?

A. Generally 45 minutes.

Q. What does the road test consist of?

A. You will be required to do WELL the following 4 things:
1. Check the Air Brake System inside the tractor-trailer.
2. Back up in straight line about 75 feet.
3. Parallel Parking without any tire touching the curb.
4. Drive in streets and freeways.

You must pass all 4 and have no more than 30 deduction points to get a CDL that day.

Q. How many times can I fail a knowledge (theory) test?

A. Twice, once you fail it a third time, you have to start all over again and pay them again.
If you've got your Learner's Permit, they usually give you credit for Special Requirements and Combination Vehicles, so you don't have to take those 2 again.

Q. How often do new classes start with AAA CDL School?

A. You can start any day except Saturdays.
We like to do everything by appointment, so just call us and let us know you are coming.

Q. Are there any contracts or loan obligations to sign?

A. There's an agreement we both sign to prevent misunderstandings. There are no "school loan" papers to sign.

Q. What forms of payment do you take?

A. We accept cash, cashier's checks, money orders, personal checks from local banks.
Cash only please for students paying hourly training or just renting the tractor-trailer for 1 road test.

Q. Say I get my CDL with your help, then what?

A. We will give you a URL where you can type your resume and/or look for driving jobs. This company specializes in connecting drivers with trucking companies that need them.
This service is available only for our school graduates. For the time being, there is no charge for this service.

Trucking companies also contact us from time to time because they need drivers. We connect them with our graduates. For the time being, there is no charge for this service either.

As far as we know other CDL services in Houston do not offer any type of assistance in helping you get a job.

Q. How does the future look for truckers?

A. Bright! The "baby boomer" generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) are aging fast and need to be replaced by younger drivers. There will always be a demand to transport "stuff" from point of manufacturing or reaping to the consumer or to where the consumer goes to buy.
Business Week reports on November 2013:
"The average age of a commercial driver in the U.S. is 55, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and retirements in recent years have long-haul carriers worried about filling their spots." Same article explains: "As exports rise," says Hinz, "we'll see a driver shortage that is modest today become acute." The U.S. government projects that 330,000 new truckers will be needed by 2020.

Q. How long will my CDL license last?

A. If you are an american citizen or permanent resident, anywhere from 6 to 7 years. If you have a work permit, your CDL will normally expire when your permit expires.

Q. I am not a US citizen or resident,What do I need?

A. To see the requirements follow this link www.dps.texas.gov

Q. I am not a US citizen or resident and I need a valid Form I-94/I-797 Arrival/Departure record or a successor document. Where can I get it?

A. You can get it at Immigration Services following this link www.uscis.gov